Competitor Information

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Key Dates

  • Early Entry closing date – 26th July 2017

2017 Competitor Documents

Welcome to the John Mulholland Motors Ulster Rally 2017, which this year is using the RallyScore Entry system, where the link below will take you to the Online Entry Form.

Please follow the steps below to enter the rally.

1. Select the event that you wish to enter, either International or National
The International event is for classes A1 to A5 as detailed in Article 4.3.6 of the Supplementary Regulations
The National event is for all classes A1 to A6; H1 & H2: B1 to B10: J1 & J2 as detailed in Article 4.3 of the Supplementary Regulations

2. Complete all the fields in the form. The fields with an asterisk are mandatory.

3. Please record your mobile telephone number in International format, without the + sign and no spaces e.g. 447756234654 or 353872349876.

4. Once you have hit the “Submit” button at the end you will receive an automated response confirming we have received your entry form.

5. You will also be taken to a payment window where there are three ways to pay;
1. By credit or debit card, you can pay through Stripe on Rallyscore website.
2. Bank Transfer (BACS)
3. You can send a cheque. Please print the Drivers name on the back

6. Within 24 hours of us receiving the payment for your entry you should receive an e-mail to acknowledge your entry, from the Entries Secretary. NOTE: WITHOUT PAYMENT YOUR ENTRY WILL NOT BE VALID.

7. If you don’t receive a response within 3 days of the expected payment date, or if you have any other questions, please e-mail the appropriate Entries Secretary

All the fields with an asterisk must be filled in, or you will not be able to continue. Please put TBA in any field which you do not know the details for.

If you do not wish to fill the Entry Form online, then please select the event that you wish to enter, print off the Form, complete and post to the appropriate Entries Secretary, details in SR Art 4.2.1

Online Entry Form

List of Entries Received

Rally Safety for Competitors Video

First-on-Scene Video

If you are taking part or spectating on any rally, please take a moment to watch this short film with important first-on-scene guidance.