The Air Ambulance Northern Ireland (AANI) operation is the chosen charity for the John Mulholland Motors Ulster Rally and the Northern Ireland Motor Club have been working for some time to see how best the JMMUR can support the AANI.

JMMUR officials met with AANI operational staff yesterday to coordinate the various plans for the fund raising activity over the event and to meet all the people involved in delivering the service.

This is an excellent service supported entirely by donations and we hope that everyone attending the JMMUR will contribute to the collections over the event.

The Air Ambulance Northern Ireland operation is the chosen charity for the JMMUR 2018. Pictured at the launch; Robert Harkness, Event Director, Ulster Rally. Glenn O’Rorke, HEMS Paramedic and Rich Steele, pilot, AANI.

What is the Air Ambulance NI?

Air Ambulance NI is your local charity that provides the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service for Northern Ireland together with its partners at the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.

Serious or life-threatening situations can happen to anyone at any time and on average, every single day in Northern Ireland, one individual finds themselves in desperate need of Air Ambulance NI.  We are dedicated to delivering the very best possible patient care, so our service is often the difference between life and death, making your support so vital.

What do we do?

The aircrew attend some of the most traumatic medical incidents in the region, providing emergency pre-hospital care, both at the scene and whilst transferring the patient to the most appropriate hospital for their specific injuries.  Our red helicopter can get anywhere in the province in less than twenty-five minutes, so travel times to the patient and to hospital are slashed.  We operate seven days a week for twelve hours a day.

On board is a Consultant doctor and paramedic, and as a team they can provide treatment at the site in minutes.

Who have we helped?

Our first mission helped a young boy Conor (image above), just eleven years of age, when he suffered a serious head injury following a tractor accident in Castlewellan.  Since then we have been tasked on 200 plus occasions and helped people of all ages and in every county of NI.

We are tasked to help at road traffic collisions, industrial incidents, farming as well as sporting and domestic accidents.

Across Northern Ireland, Air Ambulance NI’s service aims to reduce the number of fatalities and improving long term outcomes for those injured.


Keeping the Helicopter Going

It takes £2 million pounds each year to sustain this service.  That’s roughly £5,500 per day or £40,000 a week.  We need your support to keep the helicopter flying and to keep saving lives.

If you would like to help, you can donate at or give us a call to discuss your idea, volunteer or get involved individually or through your workplace on 028 9262 2677.