Organisers of the Today’s Ulster Rally are giving one lucky person the chance to win £250 as part of a new photography competition established in memory of Bryce Sands. Bryce, who passed away suddenly at the beginning of May, was a long-serving member of the Northern Ireland Motor Club and a well-known face at the Ulster Rally for 30 years.

He held a number of positions, including Deputy Clerk of the Course, and is widely regarded as the individual who helped pioneer the high standard of safety plans that are now required to organise stage rallies. Away from work and his many motorsport duties Bryce had a keen interest in photography.

Anyone can enter the competition and the only stipulation is that all photos must be taken during the course of the event, which gets underway on Friday, August 16th, and finishes on Saturday, August 17th. Submissions to will be accepted for two weeks after the rally until August 31st. A select judging panel will then whittle down the entries before picking an overall winner, to be announced by September 14th. Further details are available on the event website and Facebook page.

Today’s Ulster Rally Event Director, Richard Swanston, said: “The photographic competition is a fitting way to remember Bryce’s legacy and contribution he made to the event. Bryce has been involved with the Ulster Rally right from the start. He did work for it every year,” adding: “As long as a photograph is linked to the event then it will be eligible for entry.”

Photo competition rules.